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Holy Week
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Good Friday
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United Benefice

Our Benefice consists of five beautiful village churches situated in the district of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk, each with their own individual identity. The churches work together on a number of wide ranging issues, particularly on mission and evangelism within our communities. All the churches have services throughout the month, plus there are joint activities within the Benefice, including a popular children's group.

The Benefice is part of the Anglican Church, and as such we subscribe to their teachings and practices. We Worship God the Father, the son Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and strive to guide and support people in their Christian life, helping them to understand the Bible and Jesus' teachings in a way that is relevant to them. The different Churches and the selection of services mean that there is something for everyone. We are welcoming, caring and supportive with a strong love of God, and a practical faith which we extend to the community. We welcome you to join us at any of our services and events. We support the mission agency Us (United Society).

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"Jesus wept, Voltaire smiled: from that divine tear and human smile derived the grace of present civilization" Victor Hugo author of Les Miserables